Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Absolute Magic Connected With the Twilight Series

Twilight is centered on a vampire-romance between a young couple - one vampire and the other human. It was authored by the well-known novelist Stephenie Meyer.

Strangely enough, Twilight ended up being refused by no less than 14 agents when Stephenie Meyer was at first hoping for publication. I just can't help but consider what precisely these agents must feel about this? Possibly somewhat like having a night off from the lotto, just to discover that the actual numbers you pick week-in and week-out had been picked out upon the one day you elected not to get a ticket!

As most of us these days know, Twilight grew to become a hit and also best-seller when originally it came to be released in 2005 in hardback. The actual publication debuted at number 5 on the New York Times listing of Best Sellers inside just a month of being introduced, and subsequently proceeded to go on to get number 1!

The same 12 months, Twilight the novel was provided with the accolade of becoming named one among Publisher's Weekly's Best in Children's Books. Additionally, it proceeded to go on to end up the as the largest selling book in 2008 and also has spent over 91 weeks on the New York Times Best Seller list. The book has been translated into thirty seven languages!

The earliest book of the Twilight series introduces 17 year-old Isabella "Bella" Swan who relocates with her papa to Forks in Washington. So there, while attending school, she meets Edward Cullen and falls in love with him. The fact is that, little does she realize Edward is a creature of the night - a vampire!

Right after the first novel - Twilight, came New Moon, Eclipse and afterward Breaking Dawn.

The film version of Twilight was released in 2008 and turned out to be a commercial success making profits in excess of $382 million US throughout the world. An extra $157 came as a result of DVD and blu-ray product sales within America exclusively up to and including July of 2009.

In the earlier days - in 2005, initial critical reviews pertaining to Twilight were overall fairly favourable. Publishers Weekly went so far as to point out that Stephenie Meyer "appeared to be amongst the most talented new writers of 2005". "Appears" to be that they got that right then, to say the least!

The Times says the novel harnessed "faultlessly the adolescent emotions involving sexual tension along with alienation". Nice way to say it, really! defined the book as being "deeply passionate and astonishingly enthralling". Would seem to be true-to-type vampire meets human love tale, but yet with added subtleness, intricacy, delicacy and romance, wouldn't you agree?

And I quite enjoy this one myself - Publishers Weekly's starred review referred to Bella's "infatuation with outsider Edward, their high risk romance, and also Edward's inner struggle" as "a metaphor for sexual frustration accompanying teenage years". Next to nothing new there then, is that not the usual adolescent relationship we are all certainly familiar with and commonly found in modern day society?

Simply goes to reveal just how true -to-life the actual Twilight novels and motion pictures truly are; though needless to say - with a twist!

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